Looking to advertise to a small, but loyal group of women interested in ecotourism and sustainable fashion? You have found the perfect place!


Media Kit Trifecta


 What are the benefits of working with a blog like Trekking Green?


  • Banner advertisements, blog posts, sponsored trips, or giveaways through a blog are, generally, much cheaper than traditional marketing pathways, and you are getting directly in front of your target market.

  • In addition to being cheaper, some forms of blog advertising can last much longer than traditional marketing. Example: Blog posts (sponsored posts, merchandise reviews, or Instagram takeovers) about your location or products are available to be viewed and shared for as long as Trekking Green lives, which I plan to be quite a long time.

  • Younger audiences develop a trust relationship with bloggers that they do not form with traditional media outlets.

    According to: “Elite Daily, the voice of Generation Y, and Millennial Branding, a Generation Y research and consulting firm, today announced the results of a new study entitled, “The Millennial Consumer“. Unlike prior generations, millennials rely mostly on blogs (33% selected them as their top media source) before they make a purchase. Fewer than 3% of millennials rank TV news, magazines and books (traditional media sources) as influencing their purchases and only 1% said that a compelling advertisement would make them trust a brand more. Millennials (58%) expect brands to publish content online before they make a purchase and rank authenticity (43%) as more important than the content itself (32%) when consuming news. Millennials don’t trust traditional media and advertising and are looking for the opinions from their  friends (37%), parents (36%) and online experts (17%) before making a purchase.”

  • I am honest in my reviews, and all reviews are my own. I don’t agree to every project, so you know that if I do that I believe in your mission.

  • You will work with Amy to create the blog post or advertisement to share your authentic story across all of Trekking Green’s social media platforms.


We would love to work with you on banner advertising, on location reviews/ sponsored trips, merchandise reviews/ sponsored posts, interviews, Instagram takeovers, or a giveaway?


TG Media Kit 6.1.16