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Welcome to Trekking Green LLC; we are striving to create a world in which we all look amazing, feel empowered, and create connections all over the world, but with less of a carbon footprint than the tradition models have provided. We are learning, growing, and expanding our heart-centered focus and welcome you to join us in our journey.  Trekking Green’s posts feature both travel locales and stylish products that uphold eco-friendly practices and support underprivileged people throughout the world. We know how difficult it can be to make sustainable choices and we commend you for striving towards the bigger goals. None of us are perfect and we understand that there are differences in opinion as to what the right choices may be, but here is the place to be uplifted.  

Zipline Photo

Ziplining in Whistler, Canada

It all began with Amy Mank as a U.S. Air Force brat in Germany. She was able to see that simple sustainable practices can be easy to do and maintain. Fast forward just a few years and she had been working in corporate America, academic America, as well as government institutions, when she realized she could no longer ignore her passion for promoting both travel and fashion in a sustainable way and her desire to share that with the world.

Want to contact Amy directly? Send her an email to amymank (at) She would love to hear from you.

Cayambe-Coca Hot Springs

Termas Papallacta Hot Springs in Ecuador

Trekking Green is committed to serving the needs of the planet and its inhabitants with a triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. To this aim, Trekking Green LLC donates 10% of its income to women through the microlending organization As the money is repaid it will not go back to Trekking Green, but be provided to another woman in need creating a snowball effect.

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