A few weeks ago I got to spend some amazing time with my friend Upma, you may remember her from Luminous Beauty (Don’t remember her? Go check out the interview with her; we’ll wait.). She graciously allowed me to come over and photograph her and some of her fantastic clothes.

We chose a beautiful, reversible, silk skirt for our photo shoot, did her makeup, and began to have fun.

We had quite a bit of fun playing with different ways to wear the skirt and looking up some YouTube videos to give us more ideas.

We started off by focusing on the two sides of the reversible skirt. This picture shows the longer layer on the outside. The longer layer of the skirt has the fantastic taupe iridescent sheen to it that I just loved. Just look at how pretty that is.


Silk Skirt inside


We also experimented with the shorter layer on the outside. It was such a fun piece to play with.


Silk Skirt Outside

I couldn’t resist getting in on some of the fun. After looking at some YouTube videos of alternative ways to wear the skirt I decided to try a cape version. It looks fabulous.


Silk Skirt as Cape


Upma has two of these reversible skirts, so we decided to play with the second skirt as a halter dress. Isn’t it a fantastically versatile piece of clothing.


Red silk skirt as halter dress

Look at how bright and sunny it looks as a dress. I love it!


The skirt is made by Darn Good Yarn created out of vintage saris and I know how much you Trekkers love beautiful things made out of other things. I know I love it.

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