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Hello! I am back from spring break and the Women in Travel Summit. As soon I was overflowing with ideas from the Women in Travel Summit and prepared to get back to work, I came down with a really bad cold and didn’t accomplish much of anything last week. So, I spent the time reading through my notes and developing my list of things to accomplish and what order they need to be accomplished in. This week I feel fully prepared to jump back in with both feet and give you more of myself.


These are the lovely ladies I got to meet at the Women in Travel Summit.


  • Megan Stetzel Forks And Footprints I got to meet Megan at a dinner before WITS actually began. There were five of us that attended the dinner, three new (or newer like me) bloggers and two ladies that are much more experienced and helped to give us tons of suggestions.


  • Julie DenOuden Girl On The Move Julie was the second pro. blogger that attended the dinner before the summit. I loved getting to talk with her, and she has already freely helped and given to me. This is a theme with all of the women that I have met through blogging, many through WITS but also just the community in general. We all understand both how big and small the world can be and that we each have our own unique perspective which allows collaboration rather than competition.


  • Andi Fisher Misadventures with Andi I have followed her on Instagram for quite some time and initially found her through Afar Magazine. When I saw that there were mentoring spots available with her I jumped at the opportunity. She was as amazing in person as I thought she would be. She went through my website and social media outlets before meeting and had some suggestions prepared. She also asked at the beginning what it is that I wanted to accomplish with the session, so I could get my questions answered and problems fixed. Most of her changes are subtle, but you may start to notice them over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.


  • Erin Bender Travel With Bender I have occasionally followed Erin and her family, so I knew who she was when I saw her on the presenter list before the conference, but I thought that talking to her would be out of my league and didn’t want to be another annoying fangirl. I was wrong. I had the opportunity of joining a group for dinner with her and a few others on Sunday night after the summit was over. She was incredibly nice and warm and helped to create great conversations over dinner. I started to relax as the evening went on and did begin to join in the conversations. I’m not sure if I would go back to change the way I met her, but I’m glad that in the end I was able to get to talk with her.


  • Jema Anderson Gypsy Jema I instantly recognized her warm and giving spirit (she is the woman who invited me to dinner on Sunday night, so I didn’t have to eat alone). I want to be more like her, in this manner. I have been spending a lot of time, since leaving the corporate world, undergoing many internal changes of learning to own my mistakes, forgive more, and have been trying to mindfully confront my negativity when I encounter it. I also have an anxious spirit in the past I have tried to shove it away or force it into another mold, which just makes me feel worse, but slow and steady acceptance of myself is the only real way to be and I have a long way to go. I think by surrounding myself with women like her that I will continue to make strides down this path.


This list is by no means a complete list of the people I got to meet and know during the summit, but a quick glimpse into what the life of this blogger has become as she opens herself to this brave new world.

Who is the woman (women) who have made a big impact on you recently? Do they know? 





3 thoughts on “Blogger Crushes from the Women in Travel Summit

  1. Great review! Women who have touched my life include my Mom, my daughter & multiple friends!

  2. I am in awe of your introspection and overcome with gratitude at your kind words. I am so happy to now call you a friend. I look forward to seeing your journey unfold and what you discover within. I need more women like you in my life too! Let’s get together soon.

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