I’m so excited to share this Only tunic with you ladies. I recently got to meet up with my friend who has an amazing closet of clothing to find another piece to show you.


It is a vintage piece from the 90’s (yes I know it doesn’t seem that long ago to some of us, but can still considered vintage by now) and we had so much fun coming up with ways to style it. It is a thicker weave 100% cotton tunic/dress, depending on your height. Luckily for me, Chica is tall and we were able to style it both ways to give your plenty of ideas.


I chose the vintage tunic/dress because I want to show you what kinds of amazing things are available inexpensively if you hunt around in your local shops.


We’ll start with what we called the Après Ski look. Something pretty casual and easy to wear for casual gatherings or lounging activities.


Only Tunic Apres Ski

Here it is paired with a pair of skinny jeans, red boots and a red hat, simply because I loved the pops of color in the snow.


Next we need to run a few errands, so off we went in the outfit. *never mind how dirty my car is ;)* I loved pairing the simple black tunic with colors, patterns, and other textures. We also decided to play with the cowl neckline of the tunic by adding a multi-colored beaded necklace. I love the way it helps to bring in some color to the top of the outfit and dresses it up just a bit.


Only Tunic Grocery Shopping

How cool are those striped tights?


Since we had finished with the errands, we played around with some ideas for wearing it to work and off we went.


Only Tunic at Roundhouse

Here paired with a textured tight, knee height boot, and briefcase the tunic looks right at home at the Roundhouse.


The only drawback to this tunic was the cowl which could be a little fussy, but after a few tries we were able to get it to lay in a pleasant way.


The Only brand is owned by the Bestseller company, which upholds sustainable practices. Here’s a quick video giving a general overview of their sustainability practices. Seriously, you should watch the quick video, or if you have more time read their Sustainability Report that shows the 20 measures they are working on by the year 2020.


Spoilers: they give to charities, source organic cotton, have a code of conduct that they require their manufacturers to follow, pay fair living wages, as well as health and education initiatives in India and Bangladesh.


This is a vintage item, so you won’t find the exact tunic available in stores, but there are some options out there, for the rest of winter.



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