You love to travel and always look amazing while out in the world, but how can you know that you left a positive impact with ecotourism?



Impact with Ecotourism

Taken by my by husband when we were in China in 2004.


There are many signs that you left an impact with ecotourism, some of them you’ll find within yourself and some outside yourself.


Benefits to you:

  1. Expanded compassion for other people.

  2. Expanded awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem.

  3. Increased education on the ecosystems that make up our beautiful world.

  4. A relaxed or energized mind, depends on the type of vacation you had.

  5. Your wanderlust will only increase, rather than decrease.

  6. You gain lifetime friendships and can stay connected with them through social media.

  7. You gain great stories you can tell for a lifetime.


Benefits to Others:

8. Raised income levels throughout the area through restaurants, maintenance and cleaning personnel, local craftsman, tour operators, etc.

9. More education-

  • Once the local economy begins to have more income they always provide more education for their children. This results in a sustained reduction in poverty.

  • Ideally the ecotourism project will provide a wider range of skills to the local economy than was available before the project was conceived.

    10. More healthcare available- Tourists expect to be able to be taken care of while on vacation should something happen. This expectation of healthcare also provides more resources for the local populations.

    11. Preservation of the local customs and traditions.

    12. Preservation of the Local Ecology.

    13. Rights of all being preserved to the best of our current ability.


You may not see all of the benefits while you are traveling. It can be exhausting, but is ultimately worth it.


What is your favorite impact from traveling?




2 thoughts on “13 Signs You Made An Impact with Ecotourism

  1. Awareness of the larger world – so many people think their area is the best but they’ve never known anything different, so how can they really know?

    • I love the way you put that: how can they really know? That is one of my favorite parts of traveling.

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