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Today’s post, is a little off-topic, but truly important to me. I hope you love it!

One year ago today, I turned in my two-week notice to BRINM and the Albuquerque VA Hospital to launch a career that I truly enjoy. (I am truly sorry to all of the people who put up with me in those years. I was miserable and wasn’t sure how to escape!) In the past year, I have successfully combined working as a Virtual Assistant, with blogging about ecotourism and sustainable fashion.

I want you guys to know  my business heroes have become; some of them I know personally, some of them I have talked to, and some of them I simply look up to.

Blogging/ Business People

  • Regina Anaejionu 

  • Jen Carrington

    • These first two people go together for me. I have participated in their free ScrappyHour calls and received feedback on my website through those calls. I was terrifying when they said they were going to look at my site, but they are both loving, amazing people and did the review with kindness and constructive criticisms that have made me and my work better.

  • Marie Forleo

  • Stacy Sacco– I met Stacy by what seemed to be chance, though now I know it is fate, at the TEDxABQ Women’s event. Stacy is a professor with the University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management. He placed me on his monthly email list and through him I have found 1 Million Cups as well as many networking opportunities which have brought me Virtual Assistant clients.

Organizations that have helped me:

  • SCORERun through the Small Business Adminstration, it is a free resource for anyone with questions on creating a business. They helped me to determine that I should be an LLC and what paperwork needed to be filled and in what order to get Trekking Green up and running.

  • 1 Million Cups A free small business, entrepreneur, start-up meeting every week that helps businesses solve their problems. The final uplifting question for the business presenting that day is “What can the audience do to help you?”

Books I’ve Read:

  • Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie of TOMS Inspired me to continue pushing my own limits of Trekking Green into a 3P company (People, Planet, and Profits)

  • #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso of NastyGal Showed me that I can achieve success if I keep my mind away from what others are doing and create my own life.

  • Like A Virgin by Richard Branson of Virgin Seriously just an amazing entrepreneur. I have started writing up Trekking Green business practices so I can begin to practice them now while the company is just me to build the best company I can.

  • Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies by Jan Zimmerman Don’t be fooled that it is a For Dummies book. I have attended two of Jan’s classes, as well as began reading through her book, and they are wonderful.

With a special thank you to my husband who has supported me throughout this year in every way possible, and to my mom who proofreads many of my posts before they go live. It has been a year of extreme growth for me and I’m so glad you with on my journey.

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Who has been your inspiration over the past year?

Join the conversation; your thoughts are welcome!