Busy Little Bee Navy Sweater

Busy Little Bee (BTW: I made that cowl. ?)

I love sharing the amazing sustainably made clothing I find with you guys and, boy, has it been a while. This week I found this great navy blue sweater by wooden ships at Willow (a boutique in Albuquerque, NM). I have a hard time finding sweaters that I absolutely love because I’m very sensitive to wool. (It makes me itch like crazy.) So you can imagine how gaga I went when I did find an ethically made, cotton sweater!!

Pinon Picking

While much of the country is picking pumpkins and apples, New Mexicans are picking pinon.

I loved this sweater from the moment I touched it. Anyone who has been shopping with me knows I wander around stores running my fingers across everything. I stop and look back at the things that feel nice. Many times I find something that is ugly or not my size, but occasionally the universe aligns itself and I find something amazing!

Baking Bread in Navy sweater

Using scarves is my favorite way to bring color, textures, and patterns into an outfit.

wooden ships recycles, composts, uses eco-friendly dyes on their packaging, utilizes solar panels, and many of their items are crocheted or knit by hand. Seriously, amazing business standards being set right there. I wish more companies would follow the example.

Christmas Party Navy Sweater

Have a last minute holiday party to attend? This sweater is ready to party.

The sweater is 60% cotton and 40% acrylic. It did begin to lose its shape over the course of the multiple outfit changes, but I think a slouchy casual sweater is beautiful, so it didn’t bother me too much. I loved the slightly higher in the front and lower in the back hem. It draped magnificently.

Headed to a potluck navy sweater

I love pairing navy with bright jewel tone colors. Isn’t that scarf from Granada perfect?!


What is your favorite item to wear when the weather turns chilly?

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. I really did just love the sweater.

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