It’s been six weeks since my last Project 333 update. Man, oh man, I did not expect that post to go viral, but it did and it was awesome!! Many thanks to those ladies out there who read the post. I am so thankful for you being here. I hope you enjoy my other fashion posts and more while you are here!

Amy sitting on sandstone bluff ledge.png

New Mexico is truly beautiful. I love hiking around with my husband and my dog.

I began writing this post on the last day of the experiment (Sept. 30th) with thoughts such as:

  • I am definitely ready to have more variety back. LOL

  • The trip to Spain for two weeks was super easy. The entire wardrobe fit into my carry-on, including the hat and trench coat! I will probably create capsule wardrobes for other trips in the future.

    • We did have to do laundry after the first week, but it was so much easier to get through the airport and shuttles with just carry-on luggage. I’ve said before that I am a fan of carry-on only, but I have never attempted a trip this long before with just a carry-on. I need remarkably little for two weeks even with the change in climate from the first week in Spain near Malaga where we spent time on the beach and by the pool to the second week in the Pyrenees where the evening temperature was between 5˚C to 7˚ C (41˚F to 45˚F).

  • I miss wearing navy and brown. I love black, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes a girl has got to change things up, you know?

  • I said in the last post that I learned that I don’t need nearly as much clothing as I have and the final six weeks have only reinforced this lesson. Animal Humane Thrift Store get ready for some donations!

  • I’m glad I didn’t have any formal events during the three months such as a wedding. I have no idea what I would have worn.

  • I did not plan for enough warm weather clothes. I get cold quite easily and here in the desert of New Mexico the temperature drops quickly when the sun sets, but I greatly overestimated the amount of long sleeves I would need for the three months and underestimated the amount of tank tops/ short sleeves I would need. The tank tops and short sleeves definitely got a work out over the past three months.

  • I did not plan enough variety for business attire. I started attending 1 Million Cups on many Wednesday mornings and have felt like I didn’t have enough professional clothes to wear. I don’t think I could have done this project very easily, if I had to go into an office every day.

  • It was very hard to not cheat on Sept. 30th and wear something different.

Amy in front of Ronda Bridge.png

The Puente Neuvo Bridge in Ronda, Spain

Since I began this post early I had some time to let it stew in my head. Then I had the most interesting experience on Oct. 1st. I put on the same striped pants and black t-shirt that I had been wearing for the experiment. I did put on some new earrings that a close friend had sent me, but the vast majority of my outfit was the exact same. I didn’t even notice until most of the way through the day either! So here are some of my final, final thoughts.

  • I had become accustomed to the routine of grabbing clothes from a certain section of my closet and didn’t really even acknowledge the rest of my closet.

  • The clothes I chose for Project 333 were comfortable and I love them.

  • I became less self-conscious about my clothing as time went on. I mentioned in the 6 week update that I was self-conscious of wearing the same thing to hang out with the same friend. That faded as the experiment wore on. My thoughts became either: (A) They know me well enough to know I’m trying an experiment or (B) they don’t care enough about me to read my blog or ask me about my clothing, so why should I care about their opinions? I love to hear your thoughts below!!

  • I won’t be doing Project 333 again, but I’m glad I did it. The last post had a comment suggestion of trying a set number of pants, tops, dresses, etc. I think this I what I will try in November. (October will be a month off of strict wardrobe requirements. We will be traveling back to St. Louis for 10 days to attend a wedding. I’m really looking forward to it.)

Amy walkiing down forest path in Bellver

Out for a afternoon nature walk near Bellver, Spain

Amy's first glimpses of Africa.png

My first glimpses of Africa from the ferry. We were on our way to Tangier, Morocco for the day.

Any one tried, or starting, Project 333 and have thoughts to share?

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  1. I may have to try this, but 20 years in the Air Force, wearing the same basic clothes every day makes me appreciate variety! ?

    • I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences if you try Project 333. Let us know when you have started it!

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