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Fall is upon us. The air has turned crisp, the leaves are bright, and everywhere you look a festival is going on. I love this time of year! It never fails to begin to turn me a little inward and begin to reflect on what I have learned over the past year. As many of you know this year has been one of extreme change for me (quitting my full time job and beginning this blog and my Virtual Assistant business). I am love with the life I am creating and the people that I have come into contact with. Today I want to share with you some of the amazing articles that I have come across lately. 

Let’s start with my sustainable fashionistas out there, shall we? I only recently learned about the company I:CO and the work they are doing to help fashion brands find and use recycled materials. Be on the lookout soon for brands such as H&M and Levi to bring positive and sustainable changes to your wardrobe. The Company That Might Fix Fashion’s Waste Problem by Cameron Wolf

I just came back from a two week trip to Spain, but my wanderlust never seems to diminish. This next post is for those you with my same insatiable wanderlust.  Check out the sustainable practices being put into place in Gujarat, India. Gujurat Looks Towards Ecotourism to Attract Tourists by Steve William

This next one is an infographic for those visual learners I have out there. I particularly liked seeing the ranges of CO2 emissions for the different modes of transportation. I have always wondered when reading data points whether the number of people in the car, train, airplane was taken into consideration and divide amongst all passengers or if the data point was for the vehicle to get there regardless of the number of passengers. This infographic helped to clear that up for me some. Sustainable Travel by Andrea Moore

I always like to end these info. packed posts with the most positive features. The first article features the changes that Indonesia is making towards sustainability and the second article showcases the step that Unilever is doing. I love seeing large organizations and government begin the steps towards sustainability. Let’s keep that snowball rolling and growing!!! Indonesia CO2 pledge to Help Climate Talks– Greens by David Fogarty Boosting Smallholders’ Livelihoods, Strengthening out Supply Chain

Don’t you feel amazing having read some positive news for a change? Let me know your thoughts below.

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