Let me begin by telling you that my husband and I had an amazing vacation in Spain for the past two weeks. The first week we were based near Malaga, Spain and took day trips to Gibraltar, Tangier, Granada and Ronda. The second week we were based in the Pyrenees north of Barcelona. From there we took day trips to Andorra, Carcassonne, and Barcelona.

Winery Panorama

Bodega Joaquin Fernandez Winery- The clouds rolled in and made the day chillier than I had anticipated.

Enough about that though, let’s get to the organic Spanish wine! During the first week my husband and I took a day trip to Ronda, Spain where we visited Bodega Joaquin Fernandez Winery. The Wi-Fi in our hotel had been quite spotty, so I hadn’t been able to do much research on where we going, so when we arrived at the winery a wine tasting had just finished. We apparently were supposed to schedule through their website. (Don’t be rude like us! Schedule a tour.) They were incredibly nice though and gave us a few samples of the wine with a plate of meats, cheeses, and crackers. I am confident that if the weather had not turned chilly that they would have given us a full tour of the winery and production practices too. The winery staff didn’t know until the end that I am a blogger, so the genuine hospitality they showed to my husband and I was truly amazing. (Don’t worry, I did get permission to write about them before I left.)

Amy in front of Arc de Triomf

Me in front of Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf

The second week of our vacation when we were in the Catalonia region of Spain. The day we chose to be in Barcelona was a city wide festival day. There were music and dance performances, political demonstrations, and a wine festival.  The whole city was filled with people having a great time and the air was filled with excitement and joy. At the Barcelona Wine and Cava Festival there were about 60 different wineries giving out samples. My husband and I got to taste three organic wines at the festival, before we moved to watch some music performances.

  1. Merlot from Vins de Taller– It was very smooth and buttery. I love red wines and found this one quite delightful.

  2. Reisling from Sumarrocca– Delicious green apple taste, very light and easy to drink. This would be a great summer evening wine.

  3. Pansa Blanca Foranell from Bodegas Joaquim Battle– semi-dry. My husband and had a difficult finding the right terms to describe this one. We eventually decided on faintly herbal or green, like the smell of a garden after rain. It was tasty, just difficult to describe.

Wine Grapes

What makes wine organic? In general, the practices are the same as they are for food. The producers may occasionally use naturally occurring products to aid in the wine production, but not synthetic products. The Joaquin Fernandez winery, in particular, has planted myrtles as well as olive, fruit, and pine trees on the property. This encourages the soil to be replenished naturally without having to add fertilizers to the soil. The winery also allows native plants to grow in the fields over the winter and sheep to graze on these plants. All of these practices work together to improve the health of the plants and the soil, so drastic additional measures are usually not necessary.

What is your favorite organic wine?

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  1. I didn’t know about the production of organic wines, so it was interesting to read about how it helps both the soil and plants. I definitely enjoyed reading your descriptions and experience and will be intrigued to search for a bottle of organic wine!

    • Thanks! I think I also have less of a headache from organic wines because there are no sulfites added. Let me know what you think of them when you give them a shot.

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