I will be headed off to Spain soon for a vacation, so I thought it was a great time to give you guys my top travel tips. Once I got them all written out there quite a few, so be on the look out for a Part 2 coming very soon with some specific tips for traveling internationally.


There is light at the end of the tunnel. 😉

  1. Bar shampoo and conditioner by Lush. These are fantastic because they save space in your TSA Liquid Bag for other essentials like sunscreen. Hint: They also smell wonderful.

  2. Dry shampoo by Lush. Dry powder for your hair so you don’t have to wash it everyday. Saves water by not having to wash your hair everyday. Plus your hair will thank you with its lustrous shine. (It does take a bit for your hair to adjust to being washed every other day from every day, so be patient with it.)

  3. Ear Plugs with pressure valves.

  4. My go-to outfit: Leggings or tights with a dress or skirt, always a cardigan, and sports bra are my preferred travel attire. I personally don’t like wearing anything that is restrictive or has zippers. I frequently also carry a scarf. I like to have my neck covered while sleeping.

  5. Shoes: There are two options to consider when choosing which shoes to wear on the plane. The first option is to wear the heaviest or bulkiest shoes on the plane to save space if you are traveling carry-on only. The second option is wearing slip-on or easy to remove shoes since you will have to remove them to go through security. I don’t always choose the same option, so you don’t have to either. 😉

  6. Bring Socks: When flying, I always carry a pair of socks in my purse since I like to take off my shoes once settled into my seat.

  7. Stay hydrated! Carry an empty reusable water bottle or pouch through security, then fill it up at a water fountain or if having a sit down meal kindly ask the waiter to fill it for you.

  8. Eat Well! The last thing you want when you arrive in a new place is to feel sluggish from a fast food meal. Here are some tips from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 

  9. Choose your seat wisely. I’m short and don’t really have to worry about leg room. I do however choose an aisle seat for a short flight or mid-day flight. I choose a window seat for late night, early morning, or overnight flights to give my head somewhere to flop while sleeping. I also choose the window seat if I arriving somewhere I’ve never been before. I like to get a lay of the land as quickly as possible. when traveling with someone I frequently take the middle seat. Again because I’m smaller and this allows the people to the left and right of me a little more room and I can use my travel buddy as a head rest, if needed.

  10. Camera: This will be the first trip in years that I take a real camera with me. Recently, I have just used the camera on my iPhone.

  11. Printed copies of all documents: Print copies of all documents you may need. You can also save them as pdf’s directly to your computer. I don’t use this option often because when you need it most is when the device’s battery will die.  

  12. Small Collapsable Bag: I like to carry a small easily collapsable bag with me for days when I don’t want to carry my large purse or I want to pick up that extra souvenir without having to take a plastic bag.

  13. Finally, Souvenirs: If you must have a souvenir, buy it locally and from a renewable resource. Don’t buy ancient artifacts, ivory, and the like. I personally really enjoy the story that clothing tells, so I try to pick up an article of traditional dress like a sari or a dirndl.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley, Arizona

I hope you have enjoyed it. If I missed any of your favorite suggestions tell us in the comments below. 

2 thoughts on “Top Travel Tips: Part 1

  1. Great tips Amy! I always need to get the pressure valve ear plugs because I get really bad airplane ear. This makes me want to go on a trip now! 🙂

    • So happy you loved my tips! Let me know if I missed any tips when you head out on your next adventure. (Sorry for the late response. Our previous Spanish hotels had a not-so-great internet connection.)

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