I have been doing Project 333 for six weeks now and I have a few thoughts about it rolling around in my head that I’m going to share with you.

Project 333 reading #GirlBoss and casual outfit

Chillin’ in a comfy outfit to read #Girlboss

  1. Packing for the trip to Las Vegas was super easy. I threw the vast majority of the wardrobe into the carry-on suitcase with room to spare. Those bodes well for my upcoming trip to Spain.

  2. Getting dressed is a lot faster and easier, so that is awesome.

    Project 333 Business-y outfit

    Headed out to FatPipe’s 1 Year Anniversary Party. Shop Women’s Wedges at TOMS.com

  3. When I have the energy, I have gotten creative in the ways that I combine the items in my wardrobe.

  4. When I don’t have the energy to be creative though, I feel bored with the choices I have available. I’m used to having access to a lot of accessories to jazz things up.

    Project 333 Beige Dress and Tights

    Cooler evenings call for tights and cardigans.

  5. I keep getting compliments on my pedicure. Since I have a limited color palette I can match my toes to everything I wearing quite easily. ?

  6. I should have put in a few more shirts. They get dirty quickly.

    Project 333 Purple Workhorse Shirt

    This shirt has been a serious work horse. I love wearing it!

  7. BUT when I do the laundry it is super quick to put everything away, which is fantastic.

  8. I need to continue investing in better quality clothing because everything gets worn and washed so much.

    Project 333 Casual outfit Picard Kisses

    Puppy Kisses!!!

  9. I received a pair of earrings as a gift from one of my closest friends and can’t wait to wear them on October 1st. 😉

  10. I can be self-conscious and I worry about if I’m wearing the exact same outfit as the last time I saw person XYZ.

 My final thoughts on Project 333

 Well, those are my thoughts. Let me know yours below. Do you think you could go 3 months with 33 pieces of fashion?

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2 thoughts on “Project 333, 10 thoughts so far

  1. This is my first season doing this and it is wonderful so far! I just put up the pics for my fall wardrobe on my Pinterest page. So far, I’m not having any trouble. However you said something that never crossed my mind. My nails will always match my outfits!!! I love it even more now!!!! The jewelry I haven’t really touched as far as my 33 pieces. I may not count them, but each season pull out the colors that match my wardrobe. I also found that it works best for me giving an amount to each type of clothing. For my lifestyle, I chose 15 tops, 5 skirts, 5 dresses, 7 pairs of pants and 5 pairs of shoes. It is more than 33, but it is working for me and is MUCH less than I had before!

    • Trying a set number of each item might be a better way to go. I will probably try that for the fourth quarter of this year. What is your Pinterest name? I’d like to see what you have chosen. 🙂

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