Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, Utah

  1. You are bored with most things in your life. Life shouldn’t feel dull or boring. Travel will make your life look and feel more vibrant. Like the scene from Fight Club, but without the whole gun to your head thing.

  2. You are stressed out. Keep in mind to truly re-charge from a stressful event or job you will need a minimum of two weeks away. Cut way back on technology while you’re at it. Work will always be around whether you take time out for yourself or not.

Who knows, travel may even bring forth a different career path that you find more enriching! Travel could even make you more marketable in your field because you are better able to relate to others, you are friendlier, and you have gained real world skills.

Relax on a beach

Take a deep breath and start anticipating your next vacation.

3. You get jealous when your friends or family say they are going on another trip.

4. You watch way too many travel shows like: Rick Steves’ Europe, Globe Trekker, or Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

Looking out of a Buddhist temple

Buddhist Temple

5. You pine for the manors of Downton Abbey or the mad adventures of Doctor Who.

6. You want to see what the night sky used to look like before light pollution became a serious problem.

7. You have a passion for history or the future. Travel is funny in that it can show you both, frequently at the same time.

8. You want to actually feel yourself grow, expand, and learn. You’d like to discover how courageous you can actually be.


Fort in Falkenstein, Germany

9. You are young enough at heart to have crazy and fun adventures.

10. You are wise enough to appreciate what you are seeing and experiencing.

If you don’t fall into one of the last two categories you are either not walking and talking yet, which makes me super impressed that you can read this. OR You are on your deathbed or in a coma, in which case I hope you have some amazing memories stored up already. 😉

11. It will help to put life back in perspective.

12. You will develop friendships for life with others through the shared experiences.

13. You want to appreciate your own home, culture, and especially your own bed way more than you already do.

Coming home from travel

There’s no place like home after some time away!

14. You will miss people back home. When you know who you miss and who you don’t, you can begin to focus on the relationships you want to have or change the relationships you can.

15. You may discover a new place that instantly feels like home. It is truly a surreal feeling.

16. You want to be reminded of the beauty this world holds. Whatever your religion, background, or philosophical point of view, you will be amazed by the beauty and diversity this world holds when you really start to look around.

17. I saved the best for last: You want to become happier. Science shows money will buy you happiness to a certain point, but once your basic needs are meet money doesn’t continue to make you happier; travel will.

Most of these reasons are based on either my own experiences or those of close friends and family. Did I miss your favorite reason to invest in travel? Did I hit a reason that resonated with you? Let me know your thoughts below.

2 thoughts on “17 Reasons You Should Invest in Travel

  1. Amy, I 100% agree with this. When I traveled for two years – partly solo, partly with friends or family – I learned more about the world and myself than I did in my first 19 years. I came back a better person for it. I encourage as many people as possible to travel in every which way they possibly can, it’s vital for our growth.

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