Eco-friendly Cleaning-Cabinets with handles

The door on the right has not been cleaned yet. See how much lighter that cabinet looks without a layer of grime on it?

My in-laws have been visiting us this past week, so right before they came I decided to clean the house the best that I could. One of the cleaning tasks on my to-do list for a while has been to clean the kitchen cabinets, but I hadn’t done it yet because I never seemed to have the time or energy for it. I had spot cleaned the cabinets before without much effectiveness and they were certainly due for a good cleaning.

I have a book that gives instructions and recipes for how to clean with salt, vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice, so off to consult the manual I went. Of course, I never take just one person’s words as the be-all-end-all, so off to the internet I went to double check what would be safe to use. The cabinets, especially around the stovetop, were pretty gross with grease splatter; I decided on a mixture of dish soap, warm water, and vinegar, followed by a cool water rinse. I filled a bucket with a squirt of dish soap and began to fill it with warm water as I measured out a ½ cup of vinegar.

Eco-friendly Cleaning-Cabinets Top View

Same cabinet as before: The right door I still dirty. Man, the grime really makes the cabinets darker! The cabinet on the left is soooooo much shinier!

I started with a tester area on the inside of an infrequently used cabinet to make sure it wouldn’t change the color of the wood, leave streaks, or have any other negative consequences. When I was rinsing the water away I did notice that it seemed like the wood was slightly discolored, but after drying the discoloration went away and I was left with perfectly clean cabinets.

As I said, the area around the stovetop was the dirtiest with splattered grease, but even that area didn’t take much scrubbing. If you have a troublesome spot that try to leave the vinegar and dish soap solution on for a few minutes, before wiping it off. It did take me about 2 hours to work my around the entire kitchen, but in the end I think it is worth it. They look great!

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