I have been wanting to begin the Project 333 for a while now. I ready to take the plunge. Project 333 is having 33 items and wearing them for 3 months.

The challenge has a few purposes. The first purpose for me is to really practice minimalism. Basically, how many things do I really need to own? What can I eliminate from my life and still feel content? I also want to start spending less money on clothing, by becoming more creative in the ways I use the things I have. The second is to fight against decision fatigue. Decision fatigue is the idea that the more decisions you make throughout the day the less able you are to make good decisions later on in the day; basically you become low on mental energy and start to make less well thought-out decisions. Starting a new business is very mentally taxing, and I am want to keep my mental energy for things that truly matter to me.  The Project 333 website states, and I hope, that this is not a project about suffering, but about finding what I truly love and enjoy.

What does count:

  • Pants

  • Tops

  • Jewelry

  • Coats

  • Purses (if you switch them to make outfits)

  • Accessories such as scarves, belts, etc

  • Shoes

What doesn’t count:

  • Gym clothes (so long as they are worn only for working out)

  • Pajamas

  • Undergarments (I have never been able to get on the bandwagon of leggings as pants, so my tights and leggings will be counted as undergarments.)

  • I will not be counting my purse, watch, or rings as they do not change.

I spent a few days this past week deciding exactly what should and shouldn’t be included in my Project 333 wardrobe. I hope I chose wisely. 😉 I did choose to do a base of black and white with some colors added in so hopefully the items will mix and match well. (For those of you who don’t know me I do wear brown, navy, or gray base colors. If I like the challenge and decide to do it again, I will try to choose a different base color next time). I don’t have a very large closet and don’t have anywhere to store the clothing not being included in the challenge, so I just rearranged a little to make a designated area for the Project 333 selections.

I am going to begin the challenge tomorrow, so the project will run from July 1st– September 30th. I will be really putting my wardrobe to the test during these three month because my husband and I are planning an anniversary trip to Spain for two weeks in September, so the clothing selection will need to take that into account. The project will also cover the 4th of July, a week in Las Vegas, Labor Day, plus my 32nd birthday.

I’ve stated before that I like for my main clothing pieces to be versatile and this will be a good challenge to see how well I’ve done at choosing pieces that are versatile. I tend to get cold really easily so I have included some layers and warmer pieces.

Here are my selections:

Project 333 Dresses.png

Project 333 Dresses

Project 333 Short Sleeve Shirts

Project 333 Short Sleeve Shirts

Project 333 Long Sleeves B&W.png

Project 333 Black and White Long Sleeves

Project 333 Long Sleeve Color.png

Project 333 Colorful Long Sleeve

Project 333 Cardigans.png

Project 333 Cardigans

Project 333 Pants and Jeans.png

Project 333 Pants and Jeans

Project 333 Shorts

Project 333 Shorts

Project 333 Accessories.png

Project 333 Accessories

Project 333 Coats

Project 333 Coats

I reserve the ability to replace any items that get stains, holes, or other wear and tear that needs to be replaced.

I will be posting some of my outfits to Instagram so follow me there if you want to see what I can make with the 33 items.

Anyone out there want to try the challenge with me. Share below and post your photos on Instagram with @trekking_green.

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