Trekking Green evening Outfits

The outfits I almost needed.

Before I left for Ecuador, I shared a post about packing minimally for the trip. I’m happy to report that I used just about everything I packed. The only items I didn’t use were the dresses and tights for the evening events. The first evening I didn’t wear a dress because I didn’t end up going back to my Airbnb room.  The second evening I didn’t wear a dress because I didn’t feel like changing my outfit, but did squeeze in a nap back in my room. 😉

Not wearing the outfits actually worked out really well because I almost needed a fresh change of clothes.

My United flight left Quito, Ecuador at around midnight and got into Houston at 5:30am. I checked the monitors to see where my next gate was and saw that my next flight was cancelled. I walked over to the help desk to get some information and help booking another flight, but the desk wasn’t open yet. So, I resolved to walk to the food court and get some breakfast. This was probably better for me, as well as the help desk clerk, because I was getting a little hangry (hungry+angry). The food helped to level out my blood sugar so I could talk to the help desk without getting frustrated. I also decided that since I plan on traveling much more often, things like this are going to happen and I have to let go of my plans and go with the flow (I often find altering my perception of whatever is going on helps everything else run smoother). When I finished with breakfast, the help desk had opened for the day. A very nice lady told me that the flight was cancelled because it did not have a crew and all of the other flights to Albuquerque were already full so, I wouldn’t be able to fly out until the next day. She also informed me that she wasn’t able to make hotel arrangements until noon when the previous night’s guests had checked out. She was able to get me some food vouchers to help cover my food for the day, but I had to come back later when they could do more for me.

I resolved to walk around the Houston airport for as long as I could, grab some lunch, and then head back to the help desk. As I was walking, I came upon the Xpress Spa, which was also not open yet. I decided I would have a back and shoulder massage to relieve the stress of solo travel and hauling around my bags for WAY more hours than I had planned.  I waited nearby for them to open.  The gentleman at Xpress Spa was an expert masseuse and had me feeling more relaxed in no time. He also allowed me to sit in one of the massaging chairs and take a much needed nap. I set an alarm on my phone to allow time for a leisurely lunch before heading back to help desk at noon.

When noon rolled around, I headed back to the help desk and was told there were first class seats now available on a 1:45 flight; having never flown first class before, I leapt at the chance and was relieved to not have to stay in Houston that evening.

In the end, I was very thankful that I had an extra change of clean clothes even though I didn’t end up needing them.

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