Trekking Green Daytime Outfits

Outfits for the conference and wandering around Quito

I will be heading down to Ecuador this Saturday for The International Ecotourism Society conference. I like to finish my packing in advance so if I have any last minute things I forgot to pack I have time to pack them. Bonus,  this time I get to share it with you.

Now, I know that not everyone likes to pack everything in a carry-on, but it is my preferred mode of packing. (On my honeymoon to Europe a few years ago the airline lost my husband’s luggage and he was stuck with only what he had in the carry on for four days which wasn’t much. I decided right then and there to use a checked bag as little as possible.) I realize it may slow down the boarding and exiting a bit, but to me it is worth it to have everything I need when I arrive, especially when I will only be in the new place for so short a time. I also get annoyed by waiting for things (those who know me are less than surprised. 😉 ) so having to wait to pick up my bag at the end of the flight, because undoubtedly it will be the last down the shoot, is just obnoxious.

Trekking Green evening Outfits

Conference evening events

Now this trip is a little different from how I would pack normally. I will be attending a conference with two evening events. There will also be a Field Day where I may go horseback riding and playing on a rope course, or go to a hot springs. (I haven’t heard back from the tour operators as to which one still has space for me.) Therefore, I need to pack more business casual and more variety of clothing than I normally would pack regularly for just traveling. In addition, Quito has a variable climate with warm days and chilly evenings. Since I am cold more often than not, that means a lot of layers.

What I’m bringing:

  • Tops

    • 1 jacket

    • 5 cardigans

    • 1 blazer

    • 6 tops (mixture of long and short sleeved)

  • Pants/Bottoms

    • 3 pairs of pants

    • 2 pairs of leggings/tights (to wear with the dresses)

  • Shoes

    • 1 pair high heels

    • 2 pairs of ballet flats

    • 1 pair hiking shoes

    • 1 pair flip flops

  • Swim Attire

    • 1 Swimsuit

    • 1 Cover-up

  • Along with some assorted accessories and jewelry.

That about wraps it up. I’ll let you know when I get back what outfits worked and what didn’t.

Stay tuned for more updates from Ecuador!

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