The Toms Canvas Wedges are perfect for a smart casual look for work or going out with friends.

Toms Wedges with Picard

They are so cute even my dog, Picard, wanted to have his photo taken with them.

Back when I had a day job I would wear them to work quite often and because they are wedges I could wear them all day without a problem. They hit the sweet spot by being both comfortable and stylish.  I have had this pair for a few years and they are still in really good shape, which is fantastic because I can be extremely hard on my shoes.

Tom's Wedges Khaki Dress

Toms Shoes became famous for having the One For One program which means that for every pair of Toms shoes that are sold a pair goes to a child in need. They started with one basic style, but have since branched out to multiple styles of shoes and multiple product lines including eyeglasses, bags, and coffee. Buying their glasses provides pairs of glasses or eye surgery to people in communities who wouldn’t be able to otherwise afford them. The money made from the coffee supports access to safe water, and the bags fund medical supplies and medical training for safe births.

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Do you have a pair of shoes you would buy over and over again?

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