Summer Casual 2.0

Casual Spring/Summer Outfit

Let me just say, I love this dress!

It is truly my LBD (Name Your Link">Little Black Dress). I love scoop neck tops on me. I feel it flatters me just right. I also love that the dress has a slight A line to the bottom of it which will flatter almost all women. I did have to alter the dress when I first bought it because I felt like there was too much cleavage showing and was too long for my petite figure, but to me, this dress is totally worth it. I shortened the straps which made everything else fall into the right places.

Summer Dressy Outfit

Dressy Spring/Summer Outfit

I have worn it so many ways and to many different places. I wore it to my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party and her wedding rehearsal. I have worn it to just hang out at a local brewery and to a backyard BBQ. The dress is also wonderfully soft and easily worn on planes as there is no uncomfortable bunching.

Winter Casual outfit

Casual Fall/Winter Outfit

The dress is made from 60% organic cotton and 40% modal.  For those of you not familiar with modal it is a synthetic fiber which Threads 4 Thought obtains by recycling plastic water bottles.  Modal is used to prevent the dress from shrinking too much and helps keep the color from fading.  Many resources say modal fabric should ironed to look its best, but I have never ironed my dress and it has never been too wrinkled to wear.

Winter Dressy Outfit

Dressy Fall/ Winter Outfit

Best part of Threads 4 Thoughts clothing: they are not ridiculously expensive like a lot of sustainable clothing can be.

Their website has more great information about their sustainability practices from paying living wages, to reducing their water usage.

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