Drinks photo (photos by Elizabeth

Photo by Elizabeth McGrew ©2015 Top: Rebujito, Left: Sherry Cobbler, Front: Adonis

In my previous post I started telling you about my visit to the Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm. There is so much to tell you I couldn’t possibly cover it all in one post, so this post will cover the fantastic meal my friends and I had at their restaurant, La Merienda. Let’s begin at the beginning, shall we? The meal really should, and did for us, begin in the Sala Grande Living Room with their signature cocktails. They were perfectly prepared and quite delicious. The bartender was very helpful in helping us to choose the perfect drink for the evening.

First Course Photo (photo by Elizabeth)

Top: Tasmanian Red Crab Chowder Left: Local Greens Salad, Right: Monticello Feature Plate Photos by Elizabeth McGrew © 2015

After the round of drinks we made our way to the dining room for the exquisite meal. It began with an amuse bouche which was a nice touch. Then began the first courses. I have to say the Crab Chowder with Hot Sauce spoon was probably my favorite, but they were all perfectly prepared.

Entree Course (photos by Elizabeth

Top Right: Seared Muscovy Duck Breast Top Left: Green Curry Braised Pork Bottom: Rib Eye Photos by Elizabeth McGrew © 2015

On we charged to the main course. Here all three dishes were absolutely delicious but I especially loved the herbed butter on my Rib Eye.

Dessert Course (Photos by Elizabeth)

Top: Dulces Plate Left: Van Rixel Brothers Gelato, Right: Red Wine Poached Pear Photos by Elizabeth McGrew © 2015

Last, but certainly not least, was dessert. All three were good, but the clear favorite here was the gelato.

Guten Appetit!

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