Handmade earrings for my Mother-in-Law

I love making things and occasionally make something I really love. Last fall I was wandering around a local bead store. A demonstration was going on showing customers how to make a necklace pendant with a glass bead and an image. I was immediately hooked and have made several pairs now. They only cost a few bucks and can be personalized with any image or text.

Step 1: Find the shape of earring that the receiver would like.  The pendant can also be used for bracelets, necklaces, or anything else you can come up with. I have made round, square, and diamond earrings along with a square necklace. The first pair of earrings are for my Mother-in-Law who likes neutrals, but I wanted to make them a little unique so I hung them from a point instead of a straight edge.   The magazine image I used is the thatch fringe from a cabana. The earrings photographed for the post are for my Sister-in-Law. Let’s get started:

Recycled Magazine Earrings: Supplies

Recycled Magazine Earrings: Find an image you enjoy.

Step 2: Find an image or word that you like. This step can take a few minutes to find something that is small enough to look nice under the glass bead.Step 3: Apply a small drop of glue to the back of the glass. The glue should turn clear once dried; if you are unsure if the glue you have is correct ask the sales person before leaving the store. Position the glass on top of the image and press firmly until the glue has fully covered the bottom surface of the glass. You may have a little bit of glue squish out. (I used to much glue on one of glass beads.)

Recycled Magazine Earrings: Place glue in the back of the glass bead.

Step 4: Wait until the glue has completely dried then cut away the excess paper with a pair of sharp scissors.  Depending on your glue this may take a few minutes. Be patient as moving the glass too early may cause the image underneath to warp or not fully adhere to the glass.

Recycled Magazine Earring: Cut away excess image.

Step 5: If the piece you are creating has a back then place a glue dot into the back of the earring and firmly press into place. Peel the orange cover off of the top of the glue dot to reveal the second side of adhesive. Place the trimmed glass bead into the metal earring back and again press firmly. If the earring does not have a back (like the diamond shaped example above) then glue the earring back directly to the back of the image.

Recycled Magazine Earrings: Place glue dot in earring back.

Recycled Magazine Earrings: Peel away orange coating to reveal 2nd sticky side.

Wear and Enjoy!

Step 6: Put the earring on; your masterpiece is finished!

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