Picard running through the snow

Anyone that knows my dog, Picard, knows that climbing boulders and running through the snow are some of his favorite things. Friday morning I noticed that he had some extra energy to burn so we went out for a hike. The trail was covered in ice and snow and it was beautifully quiet. I was listening to the sound of the wind in the trees when I began to hear someone speaking around me. A couple was coming down the adjacent trail and speaking rather loudly. I began to think back to an article I read, as I often do, about noise pollution. (http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20140117-earths-last-place-without-noise). The fact that humans have so few places left to enjoy silence is a little concerning to me. I do believe that quiet natural surroundings are good for us by allowing us to truly listen to our inner selves. While the general concept of noise in quiet places concerns me the noises of humans don’t bother me. The lasting impact of the article has been to make me more cognizant of what other people might want or expect when out in the middle of the woods on a snowy morning. The noises of machinery does bother me however; I hate the ticking of clocks and have to either stop them or remove them before being able to concentrate on work or sleep.

Do certain sounds bother you? Do they bother you all the time or at specific times such as while sleeping or in the woods?

P.S. Yes, my dog is named after Captain Jean-Luc Picard. All we knew about the dog when we got him was that he is part Papillion (a French breed of dog). My husband and I decided to narrow down the multitude of name options to French names. We said many names to the dog (Pierre, Louie, Jean-Luc, Xavier, etc), but he looked up at us when we said Picard. A few minutes later we said Picard again and again he looked up in response. His name was chosen and proud nerd parents were born.

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One thought on “Hiking in the Snow

  1. Ticking clocks are the worst! No clocks or watches aloud in the bedroom unless they are digital! Not only do they annoy me but the make me anxious!

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