Dressed up Fall/Winter Style

The North Face Larison Pants are quite comfortable either dressed up or dressed down. The pants are a linen/cotton blend. This means they wrinkle easily, but also dry easily. They are great for traveling because they can be washed in the sink and will be dry by the following day to pack up or wear again if needed. As with all linen clothing they are extremely comfortable and would be ideal for running through airports all day and still going out with friends upon arrival.

Dressed Down Spring/Summer Style

The pants have a subtle navy blue and white stripe.  As you can tell, I enjoy wearing purple, but I have also worn these pants with a Kelly Green top and a navy blue sweater and thought it looked fantastic on both occasions. The pants work best for me with a vibrant, but solid color top.

The North Face company has been working very hard to make sustainability a top priority and I applaud their efforts. The pants are not organic cotton, which would move them up a notch, but as with most North Face apparel seem to be holding up quite well. Overall a great addition to my wardrobe.

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