Regular napkin style

I love my cloth napkins. I bought a dozen napkins about 10 years ago and have been using them as the primary napkins in my house ever since. Occasionally I will have a get together for more than 12 people and we will use paper napkins, but it happens rarely. At first I was hesitant about what my friends would think, but as time went on I decided that I cared more about not wasting paper than I cared about if my friends would think I was weird. The transition was surprisingly easy. I don’t recall anyone complaining about using a cloth napkin instead of a paper one. I did get a few looks when I first started taking a cloth napkin and flatware in my lunch to work, but that wore off surprisingly quickly also.

Fancy Folded Napkin

Dinner party napkin style

As I said, if I have fewer than 12 people eating at my house I set out the cloth napkins especially for holidays meals. I love finding interesting ways of folding the napkins. I especially like folding them the way photographed above because it dresses up the place setting nicely without having to buy napkin rings.

I bought mine at Ikea back when I was a broke college student and they have been great for me, but a quick search for cloth napkins will surely find you any color or material of cloth napkin you may be looking for. I chose white because I can bleach them if they get red wine or spaghetti sauce on them, but look around and have fun with it.

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